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LiFE™ Guide

an experienced traveler on a path of Living In Full Enjoyment (LiFE™), who is willing to annoy you on yours.

  1. intentionalSherpa-esque image
  2. part-Sherpa
  3. part-adventurer
  4. part-explorer
  5. part-oral historian
  6. part-holistic practitioner
  7. part-comedian
  8. part-“edutainer”
  9. part-humanist
  10. part-spiritualist
  11. master of wholly-successful failures

Mostly we are charlatans, persons who make elaborate, fraudulent, and often voluble claims to skill or knowledge; quacks or frauds.

We embrace such defining, only enough to adhere to the overriding tenet of all who teach here:  Perception Is Reality.  For those many who view us through such a prism, their lens is neither cracked, broken, impaired nor obscured.  It is their REALITY and we will say nothing here that will dissuade them from such a well-purchased perception.  Such an embrace is indeed at the core of our decision for LIFE.

When first we introduce the fundamental concepts, basted in the basics of LIFE principles, the notions often smack the brain with a sledgehammer, while the soul finds respite in welcomed knowing of its rose petals. The oasis of which we speak is neither novel or rare.  It has been before us and continues after.

Secret Ingredient Bearers

We offer, that the discovery of the secret ingredient in the secret recipe of the secret sauce, won’t make you rich, famous nor wise. It will make you AWARE! In the pursuit, the quest for the knowing is unveiled and it is that spark which enlivens each person’s discovery of the most ‘fantabulous,’ magical, secret elixir ever known.  “LIFE is supposed to be FUN!” Abraham-Hicks

No Two Journeys Ever Travel the Same Path, the Same Way! This premise is buoyed by the deeply held belief that the most powerful force known to man is “choice.” In those five letters resides the infinity of possibilities that are known, yet … only revealed in the unfolding of … a moment.

Professional, Successful Failures

A sobering moment of irreverent truth:  the public (read:  You) are enamored with, attracted to and drawn by “failures” and those who speak about “failure.”  In this regard we humbly stand head and shoulders with the countless hundreds of thousands, of you who have failed at something.  Where we may ever-so-slightly differ is in how we perceive and speak of “failure.”  Remember, perception is reality.

Thomas Edison as a boy.

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The story is told of Thomas Alva Edison, the guy who invented the light bulb, being asked how he felt about failing to invent the light bulb over 10,000 times.  To this, he replied, “I have not failed, i found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.”

We join our estimable colleague in his ideological yet, substantively soulful refrain.  Some of us are a bit before 10,000, others may be post 10,000 … it is not the numbers that motivate nor deter the fire of passion.  It is the insatiable seeking for quantifiable/material awareness of that which we “know that we know” that makes each of us innovators and leaders in our respective fields.  It is the air-sucking vacuum of forgetfulness and surrender vis-a-vis failure that extinguishes the embers of a soul born to love and LIFE.

With our perceived failures in tow, we each have garnered and identified enough success in our LIFE and ventures that we thought it would be worth sharing.  The fact that there are people who joyfully pay for the privilege of having an audience at our skillful recitations, recantations, reiterations, motivations and performances … makes us professionals.

We don’t make our living solely on the backs of a doting constituency entertained by yesterday’s stories of how we made it “ovuh,” persevered, pressed our way, made it through, kept on trying or wouldn’t say die.  We each are currently involved in the building of new challenges along the path of attaining new dreams.  We remain visionaries.  Backward glances seldom advance you in the achievement of your goals, unless you’re being chased (and that’s a great LIFE, too … if you’re prepared to pursue it).

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