Oh, yay! You’ve arrived at the ubiquitous “About Us” page where you’ll discover all of the stuff you’re suppose to tell your friend, boss, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, counselor, therapist, sponsor, co-worker, agency or the like, in order to make this leg of your journey “acceptable.”  Well, good luck with that.

showerlife IS.

showerlife is …


WE ARE: Successful, Happy, Open, Wealthy, Entitled & Righteous artisans (that’s the ‘shower’ part), driven to share our creativity, love and passion for concept/process development and implementation of Living In Full Enjoyment, amongst ourselves and with others (that’s the ‘LIFE’ part).  It is the Art of Thrival which we are perfecting in and through our daily experience of success, happiness, openness, wealthiness, entitlement, and righteousness.  We call it “Doing Your Simple.”

Areas of specialty:

  • LIFE Guides
  • Consulting
  • Public Speaking (inspirational, instructional, motivational, technical)/Speakers’ Bureau
  • Authoring/Publishing
  • Training
    • LIFE Skills
    • SELF Awareness
    • Productivity/Organization
    • Efficiency
    • Employee Assistance Program
      • Sensitivity
      • Diversity

Got It Yet?

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