Snack Healthy

Woman_Eating_Clean_BreakfastWhen it comes to snack time, I know that many would prefer that piece of chocolate cake or a couple of Twinkies, but there is a down side to downing them, unfortunately.  They are primarily made with white sugar that has been refined from its natural state.  By choosing fruits or veggies rather than candy or cake, you will boost your energy level naturally while regulating your digestive system.  Also you can try a fruit-powered smoothie as a meal replacement or as a snack.  If you must feed your sweet tooth, you can find soy or rice ice cream at the health food stores and most major grocery chains (they also come in ice cream sandwiches and bars).  Even something as simple as a couple graham crackers will feed your craving.  The Alternative Baking Company ( makes a line of delicious cookies that are large enough for 2 snack portions.  They are vegan, but you would never know it.  If you must have a chocolate fix, it is not outsude the realm of possibility.  Eating dark chocolate made with at least 62% cacao is an excellent way to get some much needed antioxidants and sterols (the good kind).

There are so many different ways to feed your snack craving.  Ultimately, the foods that you choose will be an aid or detriment to your decision to live a healthier life.  You don’t have to give up your favorite snack foods for a sedentary life of plain rice cakes.  Taking the road less traveled can be FUN and good for you, too.

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