What do you think when i say you’re not broken, that there’s nothing about you that needs to be fixed?  Do you bristle at the notion that someone… anyone, might be implying that you’re perfect?

When i was just a wee lad, growing up in the initiation rites of Christianity, i took no small amount of joy in giving grief repeatedly to the Sunday School teachers, Ministers and basically, anyone careless enough to fall into my trap.  When i knew they were at their most vulnerable, considering the cute intelligence of this nice little son of a clergy, i would gloatingly, unrepentantly and irreverently ask them if they thought that Jesus would ever ask, no command us to do something that He knew we could not?

By the time they had gathered themselves together with their Holy Ghost, who invariably gave them the power to pronounce, “Of course not.  Jesus commands us to do what is right and Godly.  When we fail it is our own fault because of a lack of faith”… the trap had already been sprung.
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My mother often told me that i “think too much.” She seemed to feel that one day, my thinking would be my undoing.
So, i would then ask them, “then is it true that nobody around here has got enough faith to be perfect?  After all, Jesus taught his disciples commanding them to, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. (Matthew 5:48).“”

Little did i realize that these childish antics and attempts at jousting with the authorities would indeed lead to my undoing and subsequently my continual and momentous renewal of ME! … PERFECT!  Come, i’d like to re-introduce or rather re-acquaint you with the YOU that i see and know… YOU, the ineffable reality of Love.  And so, the journey continues:  Renewing the Perfection of YOU!

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