How many of you believe that you arrived at this place, this space, this time, this website, this information just so that you may fulfill some divine purpose? My LIFE experiences have brought me to acknowledge that it is most likely that the majority of you are in this category.  If that were all to the story then surely your quest, seeking and questioning could have been satisfied at your last gathering of the minds.  Yet, alas… you are here.

LIFE on Purpose is not some careless extension of a semantic game or cute wordplay.

Novel as it may seem, it is age-old in its curative and transformational power.  Surely, this will not be the first place you hear of the concept of not being conformed to this world, but being transformed by the renewing of your mindLIFE on Purpose (that is:  Living In Full Enjoyment on Purpose)  represents our clearly expressed practice of this treasured and revered discipline for healthy lives.  Defined through four (4) well-taught and time-honed principles, this single concept arguably represents what may be considered by some as, humanity’s greatest way forward from the morass of SELF annihilation.

These principles exist interdependently in a single quadrant of a broader schematic design used in our workshops to help participants identify and align their energies for greatly-enriched lives. (Klik on LIFE pic to view).

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