Throughout our many years of instruction and training, we have become aware that common logic holds that “if it’s simple, it can’t be right!”  In this topic the presenter and compassionate guide will usher the participants to an empirical clarity that NO ONE knows what’s best for you, except YOU.  However, most of us wind up spending an inordinate amount of time and energy seeking to discover and then act upon what seems simple for someone else to accomplish.

Here we learn and expound together on staying in our own lane.  This we affectionately term “Doin’ Your Simple.”  You may be amazed at just how many areas of our day-to-day existence we allow to be consumed with the wants, desires, expectations, criticisms and critiques of another human being:  spouse, partner, boss, co-worker, friend or friend-with-benefits.  While this too is a manifestation of choice we offer attendees/pupils the present of joyous living through practiced harmony with SELF…

Doin’ Your Simple … Do You Boo! Be sure to click on the pic to see an example of “shades of the simple LIFE™

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