Are LIFE™ Assurance Policies worth the TIME™?


In a word, “Yes.”

Many of us have become saturated and convincingly satiated in the “struggles” of survival.  We speak positive affirmations which have us “warring” against this, “battling” that or “fighting against” some other unwanted trait, situation, experience or malady.  While i seldom make broad sweeping statements of absolutes, i’m willing to go out on a limb on this one and suggest to you something you probably already know.  That ish don’t work.

Our LIFE™  (Living In Full Enjoyment) only becomes assured as we allow our Perfection to be realized in our TIME™ (Total Immersion in a Moment’s Experience).  In that, we surrender to the full experience of the joy to be discovered in ANY moment (it lies beyond your ability to ‘reason‘… as in the “peace that surpasses all understanding”).  We hold this to be fundamental in Perfecting the Art of Thrival™ (vs. survival).  Mastering our ability to relax, relate, release, rinse and repeat proves over and over again the wisdom of the sages who spoke eloquent truths into our world such as, “know ye not that ye are gods?”  In such a capacity YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for.  YOU are also the creator of your reality.

Therefore, practicing your Art of Thrival™ yields maximum return on your investment as you become an intentional and deliberate creator of each Today(!)™  In this, your LIFE™ will be assured in the TIME™ you spend surrendering to The Breath, Technique, Rhythm and Flo … when all you’ve got is Today(!)™… that’s ALL you’ll ever need.

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Sometimes, You Go All In


There’s a concept i often speak of in reference to intentionality or LIFE on Purpose that i call being completely present in the moment.  Recently, i was called to reflect on the many and varied ways that i have come to experience this over my short and expansive LIFE journey.

I grew up in the Gospel Church… which is not to be confused with nor compared to traditional Christianity by American standards.  As i watched a YouTube video shared with me by a friend, i recalled the instances of an OVERWHELMING suddenness of presence in which i felt completely and utterly removed from the external stimuli, yet was simultaneously at ONE with all of the sounds, actions and experiences not only in my immediate surroundings… but rather, i felt connected in an infinite way to every creature, being and breath on the planet.

Over the years i’ve had other similar experiences in totally different environs and circumstances, which has led me to a broader appreciation of the phenomenon.  Yet, the consistent theme and memory that burned in me as i watched this video was the irresistible, irrepressible, irrefutable urge to Just Go All In! I have and continue to pursue a course of growth ,wherein i am able to command my entree into those portals of joy, rather than stumbling aimlessly, wistfully and blindly for the perchance encounter with the moment once again.  This i call LIFE (Living In Full Enjoyment) practiced through the Art of Thrival.  No matter how you choose to get there, the rush and subsequent call to return to the  moment again and again… is REAL.

Klik on the pic to experience the video that got me remembering again…  Sometimes You Just Gotta Go All In!

I seem to recall being in the choir when this song came out.  I recall the choir director Karen Daugherty taking us to another level with her impassioned urgings and vocalizations.  She was awesome, it was good times.  (If you remember who sang the lead comment me back ~ I think it was Karen!)

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The Truth… About Hurt


Truth is… no one can hurt you without your permission… (even then, it isn’t so much them hurting us, as it is us finding the hurt in the happenings) and the only reason we give them permission is so that we can see the contrast between what we want and what we don’t want in our lives. Then, if we’re committed to LIFE (Living In Full Enjoyment) we are perfectly situated to give ALL of our energy and attention to that which we have clearly identified that we want for our LIFE journey.

In this we can be grateful and appreciative of the asshole to whom we gave permission to give us such wonderfully stark contrasts, which leads us to bathe in  the serenity of superbly clarifying moments. This allowed us an opportunity to refocus and rededicate ourselves to following our bliss!  Truth is… it’s just our means to our joyous ends (manifestations).

IMHO, a pivotal determination in deliberate creation!

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Perfect :: The Revolution (PTR)


The Richly Transformative Workshop Series Where You Discover:  

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The FREE Introduction to this revitalizing and functional philosophy and practice of Living In Full Enjoyment (LIFE), reveals the secrets of the man who wrote a book about being rich while he was broke and made millions!  The path to health, wealth and happiness is the simplest path of all.  The Intro includes:

the Intro – “Mobile Phone Required”

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  • Is your Happy on Speed Dial?

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Have joy, live your bliss, be a millionaire, enjoy harmonious relationships, travel the world, relish adventure … wouldn’t NOW be a good time to start?


The Richly Transformative Workshop Series Where You Discover What Happens When You Don’t Have To Fix You, Anymore?



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FAITH is the Substance


belief2FAITH is the substance of the LIFE lessons of surrender.  We encounter these lessons in the sojourn of our Step One Moments of contrast and inspiration.  FAITH is that link to the “thinking stuff” which takes shape as the manifestation of our desires.  More than belief in the unseen, FAITH is unseen property owned by belief.

FAITH does not require that you believe to receive.  FAITH insists that you receive even before you believe.  Belief is just a chronic thought, it develops over time.  On the other hand, FAITH is an acute, in-the-moment trauma to sanity, which  ignites the spark of genius and quells the sting of fear.

FAITH — is my shining brilliance as i turn to the world and say,

Forsaking All, I Trust Happy!”

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