The Truth… About Hurt


Truth is… no one can hurt you without your permission… (even then, it isn’t so much them hurting us, as it is us finding the hurt in the happenings) and the only reason we give them permission is so that we can see the contrast between what we want and what we don’t want in our lives. Then, if we’re committed to LIFE (Living In Full Enjoyment) we are perfectly situated to give ALL of our energy and attention to that which we have clearly identified that we want for our LIFE journey.

In this we can be grateful and appreciative of the asshole to whom we gave permission to give us such wonderfully stark contrasts, which leads us to bathe in  the serenity of superbly clarifying moments. This allowed us an opportunity to refocus and rededicate ourselves to following our bliss!  Truth is… it’s just our means to our joyous ends (manifestations).

IMHO, a pivotal determination in deliberate creation!

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Perfect :: The Revolution (PTR)


The Richly Transformative Workshop Series Where You Discover:  

What Happens When You Don’t Have To Fix You, Anymore?

The FREE Introduction to this revitalizing and functional philosophy and practice of Living In Full Enjoyment (LIFE), reveals the secrets of the man who wrote a book about being rich while he was broke and made millions!  The path to health, wealth and happiness is the simplest path of all.  The Intro includes:

the Intro – “Mobile Phone Required”

The Coming of Age

  • Where was the Electricity before it turned On My Vibrator?

Dominant Intention

  • Default Settings?

Cultivating Your responsAbility

  • Is your Happy on Speed Dial?

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Have joy, live your bliss, be a millionaire, enjoy harmonious relationships, travel the world, relish adventure … wouldn’t NOW be a good time to start?


The Richly Transformative Workshop Series Where You Discover What Happens When You Don’t Have To Fix You, Anymore?



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BE, the Perfect Follower


Unshackled, unfettered and unrepentant about my Joy!  Being present  in the daily, moment-by-moment perfecting of my conversation and my action , reveals the huge amount of sediment that i have accumulated in my mental luggage.

Leaving aside useless weight, releasing the grip on the handles of luggage which was never really meant for me to “marry” … i soar with my spirit!  Among the stars and in the deep, i revel in my newness and the eternal existence of my bliss.


sign, sydney

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