It is all Mind Over Matter! MindBOdysize1Time to choose to mind the matter.

Time to make up in my mind, to place the things that matter to me at the top; of my list of matter of factual differentials. High time it matters to me that which is good, pure, honest, happy, healthy, loving, wealth, growth filled, ever lasting forward progressive truth. Minding matters that are trivial are the destructive time wasters; which take up most of the monumental moments that you never get back.

No thing taken for granted or over looked shall be replaced regardless of the lack of thought or intent. A failed attempt, a disregarded request or a moment not appreciated will not deem itself worthy of recognition, appreciation, affordability, or notice; it shall only flee in the manner in which it came… passing you by. It is what we do in the moments given to us by the present, called today, that really matters. No thing taken to mind in hind-site shall matter in the moments passed. Sometimes you are not afforded the come-around. Yet we count ourselves mindful.

Today I am intentional in the mind over this matter. I am minding on purpose the matters of this heart, body and soul: mine.


Borderless Boundaries

best-royalty-free-images-india-kerala-munnar-kcbimalI am bound by the limits; of only my mind.

I reach past the boundaries of the inhibitions of self.

I push forward past the imagined borders of fear and I rise.

I rise up at the moment of freedom’s knock to answer… YES I shall go past the borders of yesterdays past.

I am the author and remover of my borders.

Today I celebrate the awakening to the borderless boundaries.


Release & Renew

spm7000aI release the old and invite the renewal of a sound mind, body and spirit.

I release the past thankfully, recognizing it was the stepping stone to today.

I release the chains that bind me in order to be free to express, address, and move into progress.

I invite the renewal process of all I am.

I am thankful, for it is in the present of that which is called today;  I am afforded the opportunity to renew.


Money Affirmation

Money flows to me and through me, easily and frequently.