The Book Review…You’ve Been Waiting On!


Okay, maybe not all of you have been summoning this book forward. However, there is a very powerful stream that i have surrendered to, which has called this book into existence and we’re happy to exclaim that it’s finally released… on time!

Now we’d like to hear what you have to say about it! I hope we don’t run out of room to hold all of your thoughts. So, get started while there’s still space available! Thanx!  Just leave your thoughts in the comments section below… i read them all!

Dream Big… Live BIGGER!

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Your Ship Has Finally Come!


Your ship has come in at the very moment you decide that you are perfect … yet, not complete.

Like attracts like. The pleasing thoughts of your perfection (and perfecting) will attract to them (and you) more wonderful and intentional events and opportunities of like energy (pleasing).  Don’t wait to SEE things as you would like them to be.  Attract goodness to you, by FINDING things to feel good about , even in the midst of  your world’s turmoil and chaos.



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Perfect :: The Revolution (PTR)


The Richly Transformative Workshop Series Where You Discover:  

What Happens When You Don’t Have To Fix You, Anymore?

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the Intro – “Mobile Phone Required”

The Coming of Age

  • Where was the Electricity before it turned On My Vibrator?

Dominant Intention

  • Default Settings?

Cultivating Your responsAbility

  • Is your Happy on Speed Dial?

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Have joy, live your bliss, be a millionaire, enjoy harmonious relationships, travel the world, relish adventure … wouldn’t NOW be a good time to start?


The Richly Transformative Workshop Series Where You Discover What Happens When You Don’t Have To Fix You, Anymore?



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It’s The Journey, Stoopid!

life highway signLeaving from your door each day you set out, ultimately to arrive home in the evening or morning from a day’s labor, errands, visits or the like. The unveiling of the “stuff in the middle” is neither assured nor inevitable. The details that spring upon you as the day unfolds, gives rise to anxiety, anger, frustration, fear, laughter, joy, hope, satisfaction and dissatisfaction or any combination of a broad range of emotional possibilities. At the end, you are home, as you had planned.

Upon reflection, you assess the day’s unfurling as worthwhile … at least enough to do it again the next day. The happenings of LIFE occur in between the known variables of origin and destination. Yet, so much attention of our society is focused on the evaluation of LIFE based on the perceived proximity to a destination. Through that logic, leaving from your origin (and ultimate destination, in this case) should probably be considered ill-advised, as your proximity to your destination increases, putting you further from your goal… home.

the journey unfoldsHaving stumbled upon this self-inflicted lunacy, I began to be intentionally irreverent and disrespectful with myself in private conversation with … of course, myself. Some time ago a politico coined a term; “It’s the economy stupid,” in addressing what is and should be the obvious and main talking point concern of that campaign. So, one morning as I meandered through yet another waking routine, I shocked myself into a state of “presence in the moment by declaring “It’s the journey, stoopid!”

I no longer leave the house to arrive, anywhere. I leave for the experience of the journey. Certainly, I have a general outline of exciting points and sites I’d like to experience and explore. Yet, moreover, I give myself to the fluidity of the unexpected, unplanned and most rewarding of gifts to be bestowed upon humanity … choice. I find God, the Source, the All, peace, serenity, joy and happiness in the daily drama and circumstance of the choice, made manifest in the minuscule shaping of a moment.

We offer for consideration, leave this moment for the full experience of another; an experience and growth that can only be known in the journey of your choice.

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No Error in Your Trying

Many people speak of a specific method of learning, loosely, yet widely identified as “trial and error.”  As it is worded, the concept seems to suggest that through a process of trying different techniques, ideas, formulas, recipes or the like, one will eventually discover a successful way of achieving the desired result.  Such result will usually, only be realized after first encountering erroneous, faulty and failed attempts at such success.

The Art of Thrival dares to suggest that inherent in this view is the despondent, discordant melody that has been rehearsed in the ears of countless children coming forth into their physical reality.  What has been practiced … has been perfected.  Each path down which we travel is perceptibly the perfect path.  The experiences that unfold along the path are not errors, each path has an intrinsically priceless and unique “lesson” to be unveiled.  The discovery of a lesson that does not immediately appear to “be” the desired result, certainly reveals clarity and contrast to that result, which hastens the tangible reality of such ‘ultimate’ resut.  However, too often we teach and are taught with a glass-half-empty view of LIFE.  We expect error … so …  it shows up!

The Art of Thrival offers for your consideration the intinsic nature of your perfection.  You have called unto yourself “ultimate desires.”  These desires are manifest from the moment of your thought.  Your arrival to them is the journey (the thrill, the living, the joy) which you have summoned for your discovery.  In that, there are NO errors.  There exists only divine perfection, even if it is imperceptible by the clouded eye.  Keep moving, change your angle of perception and in the gratitude that flows from your wonder, you will discover there was never any trying in your learning nor error in your trying … simply the doing of LIFE, which brought you to the “ultimate desire.”   You have chosen the successful way.  The true success lies in the journey … be aware … don’t follow the way … be the way!!

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Within Reach


Health and happiness are within my reach when I provide myself with good food, clean water, fresh air, exercise.

Success is within my reach when I move into a positive mindset, joy filled expression and determined will.


Gotta Start Somewhere!

vegburg_friesIf you have ever had a desire to become a vegetarian, vegan or just a more health-conscious eater, here is a great tip to get you started.

You don’t have to go vegan or vegetarian (for that matter) cold turkey! Do it gradually. If you are a red meat and pork eater, cut that first. Your body has the hardest time processing these meats. Instead of ground beef, try ground turkey or Boca Meatless Ground Burger. It has a wonderful texture and it holds up very well when you cook it. You can use it for just about anything you use ground beef for. If you want a hot dog, Morningstar Farms (MSF) makes great hot dog products. They make great corn dogs and mini corn dogs as well as veggie dogs. You will never even know the difference. Instead of eating hamburgers, try a veggie burger. Both Boca ( and MSF ( make great veggie burgers. Depending on what you have a taste for, you can find a veggie burger to suit you. They cook up wonderfully if you have a George Foreman grill or similar quick-grilling device. You should also try the MSF Breakfast Sausage. freshfruitvegetableTastes just like the pork version. It is wonderfully seasoned and the texture is great. Grab a biscuit and a patty of sausage, ‘honey-chile’ you’ll be in heaven! There are also great chicken and beef strips for fajitas or salads by MSF.

For your other meats, eat the boneless, skinless kind. Bake, broil or grill your chicken and turkey. If you must season it, Mrs. Dash ( will never let you down. There are plenty of varieties to suit your taste. If you must use salt, use sea salt. It comes in course grind and fine ground.