I Breathe


I dare to breathe with intent.

I breathe in the fullness of opportunity and growth.

As I breathe; I inhale love, joy, hope,  and all there is that is truth.

I breathe with hope of the never ending ability to enjoy all LIFE has to offer.


An “Ah-Hah” Moment

One Day Crowds Will Cheer ... just keep showing up.

So, i’m feeling sorta melancholy 2Day.  Started off the day with slightly less than vibrant enthusiasm for confronting the challenge that drove me to a deep sleep, after hours  of wrangling, hopeful for a glorious morning resolution, sparked by the dawning of freshness in a new day.  Yeah, right.  Still, i wrangle.

In a brief timeout search, for new ways to conquer the web design issue cum consuming force, i stumbled upon what is to become my awareness for the day and foundation for a hopeful tomorrow.  I was enlightened in reading a blog post over at, entitled “Keep Showing Up”.  I thoroughly enjoy participating in the day-by-day, moment-to-moment, revealing communications that serve as sign posts and guiding stanchions to funnel me into the greatness of ME.

So, today i took with me into my marathon business strategy/planning meeting for our latest seminar series, an attitude of gratitude and the pugnacious fervor to just keep showing up.  It was a joyous outcome (i do so enjoy those) that rode the waves of a refreshing “Ah-hah” moment.