The Alone Side of Togetherness

lioness-loneI woke up this morning with the thought of, the alone side of togetherness. What or better-yet why, is that the first thing that the universe whispered to me? I realized, that today I am found alone once again; in the togetherness of the love relationship I possess.  My reality is that, I am alone and moments of loneliness tries to flood my mind. I am faced with the options to wallow or rise. I choose to rise. I choose to enjoy the alone time and reflect upon the joy filled moment this love has offered me over the course of this journey in which I am on.

Reflecting upon the laughter, the spontaneous melodies sung to me over the phone that bring tears of joy to my heart and eyes; I smile. As I breathe in this moment I capture the remembrance of a moment I caught him pausing from his work to look upon me; he smiles.

On this alone side of togetherness I embrace the ability to re-member us. In his absentia I exhale a sigh of longing for his touch, voice, and his energy that revives me. As I inhale the purest form of love that he leaves behind; I am warmed throughout my soul. A tear fall from my eyes, not due to the loneliness yet the togetherness that we have ever so graciously created.

I choose to embrace the fullness of togetherness at this moment; although history has shown when left alone the tendency is to play or stray out of the yard. I choose to savor the fullness of our boundaries we have staked this love upon.  Many ask is it worth it; when left alone so often? Knowing the fullness of his whereabouts and plausible actions… I tend to wonder and wander upon the terrain of loves lair. Where have I found my solace? In the monumental moments of reflections of the embraces of his love; our love. If it all ends today… I have been truly blessed with the joys of a love:  ever growing, ever forgiving, ever building my strength of character,  eternally strengthening my ability to embrace the joyous side of life and renewing my desire to be… in the moment.

Celebration of Centering

baumgardeners_covered_bridge_inside_center_3008pxpreviewAs I breathe in this thought of centering of  SELF through love, I embrace the thought of others creating a center for themselves in this  universe and at the same time being author of my own centering; I design my plan.

My center is intent through Love…

I am no longer settling for the mundane of only allowing or just belonging; better yet, just being a part of.  I am intentional in my choosing of that in which I plan to be a part of.

I am focusing upon the outcome of my desire to be the vital part of my intent.

I am observant in my approach in the processes in which I choose to implement my centering. I set out to develop, design, and manage that mark… some call a hub, rod, or focal point. I formulate a plan of grounding myself with the core of the earth as well as the force field of the universe. I am determined to stand firm and waver not in the stormiest moments. My plan of moving into the realm of forgetfulness and forgiveness thereby rendering myself free to love wholeheartedly.

In doing so I am able to stand in the midst of the storms of life without breaking in the bend and uprooting in the pull.

Today, I celebrate my ability to design and determine my center.

BE the Miracle

Our lives are miraculous manifestations of a thought.  Consider for a moment, the intricate workings of the machinery that is our heart.  Imagine, if you will, the effortless rhythmic syncopation of its beat when you experience excitement or a warm feeling of joy. Ponder the hiccup of its transcendent monotony when startled or frightened.

Yet, its precise and continuous flow and recovery assures that you spend almost zero hours of your life contemplating its irreplaceable functioning.

It was a simple thought that gave rise to your birth.  If we would again embrace the power that flows through the expression of the mind, we would immerse ourselves in the daily experiences of joy that loom on each horizon … only a thought away.

In this moment … BE the miracle you are meant to be.  Live the freedom of your heart’s longing.  Share the song of laughter that resounds in your soul and your reality will be simply MIRACULOUS.  Laughter abounds where the heart runs free.

peace be the journey