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Are LIFE™ Assurance Policies worth the TIME™?

In a word, "Yes." Many of us have become saturated and convincingly satiated in the "struggles" of survival.  We speak positive affirmations which have us "warring" against this, "battling" that or "fighting against" some other unwanted…


Breathing LIFE into each moment, i discover the vastness of ME. This journey is truly one of exploration. There are beautifully elaborate corridors and out-of-the-way nooks that command the observer's decisively shaping gaze. Revealed in…

On this Day!

The fruit of righteousness is not born on/from the tree of RIGHTNESS.  Rather, the abundance that is the fruit of righteousness rains from a sky which is unyielding in its willingness to be wrong; too saturated with the uncompromising will…

BE, the Perfect Follower

Unshackled, unfettered and unrepentant about my Joy!  Being present  in the daily, moment-by-moment perfecting of my conversation and my action , reveals the huge amount of sediment that i have accumulated in my mental luggage. Leaving…

What is Your Approval Rating?

Loving YOU should be a daily selfish indulgence. Your joy must be the preeminent cause du jour. Quite often, the actions of such decadent revelry will take on visual appearances that others may believe to be the inciting of plummeting numbers in your Approval Rating poll of polls. To this we emphatically reply "SO WHAT!?!"

It's The Journey, Stoopid!

So, one morning as I meandered through yet another waking routine, I shocked myself into a state of “presence in the moment” by declaring “It’s the journey, stoopid!”

BE the Miracle

Our lives are miraculous manifestations of a thought.  Consider for a moment, the intricate workings of the machinery that is our heart.  Imagine, if you will, the effortless rhythmic syncopation of its beat when you experience excitement…

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