On this Day!


The fruit of righteousness is not born on/from the tree of RIGHTNESS.  Rather, the abundance that is the fruit of righteousness rains from a sky which is unyielding in its willingness to be wrong; too saturated with the uncompromising will to be right; at once and forever pierced through its eternity with the passion of indifference!

Righteous has peach fuzz which masquerades as action or deeds.  It is not the meat of it.  The wise see action in inaction and inaction in action.  The glorious feeling bursting in the ripened sweetness of the moment bears witness to the TRUE heart of the matter.  PURITY.

So, speak to us of purity …

BE, in love.  You will BE love. Purity has no words.

BE, in love.  You will BE love.  Then … you will possess the knowing which is Purity.


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