Once heralded as a gang-chief and drug-lord on the mean streets of Chicago, this Traveler’s emancipation unfolds to the current brilliant chapter, of which you are now a participant.


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Rising from those streets (quite literally: the target of a failed assassination, where 9mm gunfire ripped tunnels through his flesh), the storied credentials of this gifted orator, motivator and educator fan out behind him like the wake of an aircraft carrier. Woven together from threads of valedictorian, U. S. Marine, highly-regarded Clergy, community activist, successful entrepreneur, father and friend, there now exists a priceless tapestry of an appreciative, engaging, soulful, exciting and adventurous Traveler.

For more years than he can recall, he has spoken into his world a concept that, while nowhere near new, remains innovative, revolutionary and apparently … elusive. That idea is expressed in his “simpleacronymLIFE.

Living In Full Enjoyment, has been a mantra that has brought him through some of the most wicked of times. It has kept him idealistic, hopeful and propelled to greatness while the appearances of hopelessness, failure and defeat pressed noses to the windows of his soul LIFE as Entitlement, LIFE on purpose, has been his mission

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