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Finishing Touch

So Hard to Let Go ...By this time tomorrow, i’ll be mildly excited that this site is 90% completed.  There’s some technical and cosmetic flourishes that will be added, however, overall i am thrilled by the team effort required to bring this to fruition.  Thank you, to a warm and wonderful cadre of willing helpers! My calendar has filled rapidly and i eagerly look forward to our engagements in Atlanta, GA for April and May.  Now, i rest.

I include this priceless photo to disprove those who claim i never sleep.  Well, i do … sometimes.

LIFE on Purpose


How many of you believe that you arrived at this place, this space, this time, this website, this information just so that you may fulfill some divine purpose? My LIFE experiences have brought me to acknowledge that it is most likely that the majority of you are in this category.  If that were all to the story then surely your quest, seeking and questioning could have been satisfied at your last gathering of the minds.  Yet, alas… you are here.

LIFE on Purpose is not some careless extension of a semantic game or cute wordplay.

Novel as it may seem, it is age-old in its curative and transformational power.  Surely, this will not be the first place you hear of the concept of not being conformed to this world, but being transformed by the renewing of your mindLIFE on Purpose (that is:  Living In Full Enjoyment on Purpose)  represents our clearly expressed practice of this treasured and revered discipline for healthy lives.  Defined through four (4) well-taught and time-honed principles, this single concept arguably represents what may be considered by some as, humanity’s greatest way forward from the morass of SELF annihilation.

These principles exist interdependently in a single quadrant of a broader schematic design used in our workshops to help participants identify and align their energies for greatly-enriched lives. (Klik on LIFE pic to view).

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Renewing the Perfection of You!


What do you think when i say you’re not broken, that there’s nothing about you that needs to be fixed?  Do you bristle at the notion that someone… anyone, might be implying that you’re perfect?

When i was just a wee lad, growing up in the initiation rites of Christianity, i took no small amount of joy in giving grief repeatedly to the Sunday School teachers, Ministers and basically, anyone careless enough to fall into my trap.  When i knew they were at their most vulnerable, considering the cute intelligence of this nice little son of a clergy, i would gloatingly, unrepentantly and irreverently ask them if they thought that Jesus would ever ask, no command us to do something that He knew we could not?

By the time they had gathered themselves together with their Holy Ghost, who invariably gave them the power to pronounce, “Of course not.  Jesus commands us to do what is right and Godly.  When we fail it is our own fault because of a lack of faith”… the trap had already been sprung.
[pullquote right]
My mother often told me that i “think too much.” She seemed to feel that one day, my thinking would be my undoing.
So, i would then ask them, “then is it true that nobody around here has got enough faith to be perfect?  After all, Jesus taught his disciples commanding them to, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. (Matthew 5:48).“”

Little did i realize that these childish antics and attempts at jousting with the authorities would indeed lead to my undoing and subsequently my continual and momentous renewal of ME! … PERFECT!  Come, i’d like to re-introduce or rather re-acquaint you with the YOU that i see and know… YOU, the ineffable reality of Love.  And so, the journey continues:  Renewing the Perfection of YOU!

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Art of Thrival


For many, survival is what they know.  Thrival is what they dream.  The bridge that connects the dream to your reality is the deliberate Art that is taught through the experience and passion of showerlife.  As your mind begins to settle-in, to that which your heart has known forever… you will find yourself allowing the experiences of the joy that lies beyond reason!

Integral to the mastery of this skill-set is the specific implementation of what we call “Doin’ Your Simple.”  More than rehearsed rhetoric, these are tried and proven strategies, principles, practices and experiences that we invite you to engage in finding your way home.

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Doin’ Your Simple


Throughout our many years of instruction and training, we have become aware that common logic holds that “if it’s simple, it can’t be right!”  In this topic the presenter and compassionate guide will usher the participants to an empirical clarity that NO ONE knows what’s best for you, except YOU.  However, most of us wind up spending an inordinate amount of time and energy seeking to discover and then act upon what seems simple for someone else to accomplish.

Here we learn and expound together on staying in our own lane.  This we affectionately term “Doin’ Your Simple.”  You may be amazed at just how many areas of our day-to-day existence we allow to be consumed with the wants, desires, expectations, criticisms and critiques of another human being:  spouse, partner, boss, co-worker, friend or friend-with-benefits.  While this too is a manifestation of choice we offer attendees/pupils the present of joyous living through practiced harmony with SELF…

Doin’ Your Simple … Do You Boo! Be sure to click on the pic to see an example of “shades of the simple LIFE™

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Once heralded as a gang-chief and drug-lord on the mean streets of Chicago, this Traveler’s emancipation unfolds to the current brilliant chapter, of which you are now a participant.


Click the pic for a full-color brochure. You know you wanna!

Rising from those streets (quite literally: the target of a failed assassination, where 9mm gunfire ripped tunnels through his flesh), the storied credentials of this gifted orator, motivator and educator fan out behind him like the wake of an aircraft carrier. Woven together from threads of valedictorian, U. S. Marine, highly-regarded Clergy, community activist, successful entrepreneur, father and friend, there now exists a priceless tapestry of an appreciative, engaging, soulful, exciting and adventurous Traveler.

For more years than he can recall, he has spoken into his world a concept that, while nowhere near new, remains innovative, revolutionary and apparently … elusive. That idea is expressed in his “simpleacronymLIFE.

Living In Full Enjoyment, has been a mantra that has brought him through some of the most wicked of times. It has kept him idealistic, hopeful and propelled to greatness while the appearances of hopelessness, failure and defeat pressed noses to the windows of his soul LIFE as Entitlement, LIFE on purpose, has been his mission

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