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Take TIME™

Total Immersion in a Moment's Experience - TIME

Take TIME™ to thoroughly experience and enjoy the moment.

There are no mistakes, happenstance or coincidences in my LIFE. These are the indicia that my prayers (thoughts) have taken hold in the realm of manifestation. These seemingly strident or discordant instances serve as clarifying moments.

Clarifying moments act as a focusing lens for our energies. In that moment (through complete observation and immersion) we are able to clearly identify the unwanted and the unharmonious vibrations and simultaneously refine our focus (consequently) our kundalini energy toward the harmonic alignment of our vibration on that which is comforting, wanted and desired. Take TIME (Total Immersion in a Moment’s Experience)™ and bend it! BE…

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Facebook Died Today… Now What Do I Do?


It should now be abundantly clear to millions of users of Facebook that we need to get a real LIFE! Yeah, i’m kinda laughing and it’s a little tongue-in-cheek but really, what do the hordes of fans, family, flocks and friends do when their de facto lifeline is sucked away in the blink of an eye?

There was no warm-up, no buzzer warning this afternoon as i returned from a meeting to my office computer to discover Facebook critically crashed. I checked one computer and then another, to no avail. In that moment i realized that i was left with an uncomfortable question… What do i do, now? For me, it might be only slightly different than most, as i use Facebook as a tool in my capacity as a Social Marketing Professional. However, i suspect that my experience of being left in the lurch, quite unexpectedly resonates with a great number of the now over 500 million users of the social media platform.

So, i made it back over here to my blog. After a brief hiatus, i was able to regroup and look at my massive list of “things-to-do.” Thankfully, i’ve got a bunch on there that doesn’t even require the Internet, let alone Facebook. Still i pine for the sweet scrolling of my news feed…  for the magical alerts letting me know my cyber presence is being engaged, if not appreciated by someone in the now smaller world.  I was almost famous… until Facebook died.

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When traveling through LIFE it never matters how long it takes ~ it only matters how FUN the ride!  Embrace the FUN (Frequent Use Necessary)!  LOVE the YOU!  BE…

My LIFE (T!) Sweeps In


With loads of fanfare, pomp and circumstance (even if only our own) we welcomed the impressively designed, Limited Edition LIFE (T!) shirt.  Sweeping in, hot off the presses, these shirts were barely dry before they began to garner praise and importantly – sales!  Don’t miss the wave of these Limited Edition shirts.  When they’re gone ~ they’re done.

But, fret not… there’s 26 more in the series to keep you engaged and collecting them all!  See them in our shop (Invest in You) or at their site over at www.mylifet.com

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The Book Review…You’ve Been Waiting On!


Okay, maybe not all of you have been summoning this book forward. However, there is a very powerful stream that i have surrendered to, which has called this book into existence and we’re happy to exclaim that it’s finally released… on time!

Now we’d like to hear what you have to say about it! I hope we don’t run out of room to hold all of your thoughts. So, get started while there’s still space available! Thanx!  Just leave your thoughts in the comments section below… i read them all!

Dream Big… Live BIGGER!

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Allowing :: Climate Change


The most important component to success is … Being Ready! Many other great minds have considered and expounded upon this venerated topic from the angle of preparation, preparing or preparedness. They speak of books to read, education to receive, business plans to write or relationships to cultivate. Today, i introduce you to the easier angle (which is no angle, at all): Allowing!

Allowing by definition requires NO preparation. It is the antithesis of preparation. It is incongruous to strategize, plan or prepare for Allowing. While, at the same time we readily admit  that hindsight may reveal to you a process which through a neophyte’s prism might seem separately interlinked experiences which form as a chain of preparation.

To gain greater clarity, let us consider for a moment RECEIVING. It is often discussed as a two step process: believe and receive. The Art of Thrival teaches that the process is short-circuited when we fail to consider the role of FAITH as integral and concomitant to the process.

FAITH is the attitude one brings in order to exhibit the BELIEF necessary to RECEIVE or physically manifest a dream/thought/whisper/prayer. Think of it as a trinity. All in one and one in all.

Imagine water! FAITH is water in vapor form, BELIEF is water in liquid form and RECEIVE is water in frozen form. All exist as the same element, taking on different forms, textures and definitions depending on environmental conditions. It is only in the frozen form that the human eye can witness all three states at once. Yet, they were there all the time… existing as infinite possibilities.

Now consider for a moment, the petri dish/culture as your human experience. environment… it’s a conversation better had in the comfort of kindred spirits sharing in the experience of one of our Perfect :: the Revolution workshops or our progressive Art of Thrival weekend retreats.  Suffice to say, the moment in which you allow that water IS, you are then able to manipulate, manifest and witness the astounding possibilities that were there all the time. You are the Climate Change to which your world responds and takes form.  Your feelings are both themometer and thermostatAllowing is your highest state of readiness, therefore your greatest tool and vehicle to your success.

We look forward to sharing in the building of your bridge from dream to reality, from wish to actuality, from desire to manifestation.

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Sometimes, You Go All In


There’s a concept i often speak of in reference to intentionality or LIFE on Purpose that i call being completely present in the moment.  Recently, i was called to reflect on the many and varied ways that i have come to experience this over my short and expansive LIFE journey.

I grew up in the Gospel Church… which is not to be confused with nor compared to traditional Christianity by American standards.  As i watched a YouTube video shared with me by a friend, i recalled the instances of an OVERWHELMING suddenness of presence in which i felt completely and utterly removed from the external stimuli, yet was simultaneously at ONE with all of the sounds, actions and experiences not only in my immediate surroundings… but rather, i felt connected in an infinite way to every creature, being and breath on the planet.

Over the years i’ve had other similar experiences in totally different environs and circumstances, which has led me to a broader appreciation of the phenomenon.  Yet, the consistent theme and memory that burned in me as i watched this video was the irresistible, irrepressible, irrefutable urge to Just Go All In! I have and continue to pursue a course of growth ,wherein i am able to command my entree into those portals of joy, rather than stumbling aimlessly, wistfully and blindly for the perchance encounter with the moment once again.  This i call LIFE (Living In Full Enjoyment) practiced through the Art of Thrival.  No matter how you choose to get there, the rush and subsequent call to return to the  moment again and again… is REAL.

Klik on the pic to experience the video that got me remembering again…  Sometimes You Just Gotta Go All In!

I seem to recall being in the choir when this song came out.  I recall the choir director Karen Daugherty taking us to another level with her impassioned urgings and vocalizations.  She was awesome, it was good times.  (If you remember who sang the lead comment me back ~ I think it was Karen!)

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Invest in You (Shop)

Your Ship Has Finally Come!


Your ship has come in at the very moment you decide that you are perfect … yet, not complete.

Like attracts like. The pleasing thoughts of your perfection (and perfecting) will attract to them (and you) more wonderful and intentional events and opportunities of like energy (pleasing).  Don’t wait to SEE things as you would like them to be.  Attract goodness to you, by FINDING things to feel good about , even in the midst of  your world’s turmoil and chaos.



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2Day I Celebrate Adventure


Cheers to the people who take FUN and Adventure seriously while laughing all the way (klik pic on the left to see what i mean)! They may not have a snazzy video dance, but i’ve also got luv for my equally insane, but great folks at Moosejaw, too! FUN insists that FUN (Frequent Use Necessary) be the rallying cry of our existence.

Go on, have at it you daredevil, deliberate creators of your reality.  Make a plan to laugh until it hurts, to sing until you cry and to sail into each horizon with a smile of knowing, a tear of gratitude and the furrowed contentment of a child locked in hope for tomorrow’s unfolding.  I’ll meet you in the doing!

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