In those awkward/uncomfortable moments … she awakens to write her truth!





When I stop and think on or about it… it being any thing good or bad; it surely comes to pass. I then realize it is I who am the author, creator as well as finisher of that which comes upon me. Remember; what so ever a man thinketh, so shall he be.

So today think big and beauty full!

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It is all Mind Over Matter! MindBOdysize1Time to choose to mind the matter.

Time to make up in my mind, to place the things that matter to me at the top; of my list of matter of factual differentials. High time it matters to me that which is good, pure, honest, happy, healthy, loving, wealth, growth filled, ever lasting forward progressive truth. Minding matters that are trivial are the destructive time wasters; which take up most of the monumental moments that you never get back.

No thing taken for granted or over looked shall be replaced regardless of the lack of thought or intent. A failed attempt, a disregarded request or a moment not appreciated will not deem itself worthy of recognition, appreciation, affordability, or notice; it shall only flee in the manner in which it came… passing you by. It is what we do in the moments given to us by the present, called today, that really matters. No thing taken to mind in hind-site shall matter in the moments passed. Sometimes you are not afforded the come-around. Yet we count ourselves mindful.

Today I am intentional in the mind over this matter. I am minding on purpose the matters of this heart, body and soul: mine.

Smile often

Happiness is found often in a smile.

Big_SmilesIn even our most difficult times, we find that a smile is the source to catapult us out. It is the element that helps us find that seed to sprout forth change, from difficulty to possibility. In a mere smile you may find an ocean of bliss filled reality.

In a smile; I find a reason to rise above, to jump for joy, to reach for the stars and to move beyond that which I call, limitations.

Today, I celebrate the simplicity of a smile.

I encourage you to smile often!

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In all else stand

wattled_plover_maraIt is in the moment of trials and tribulation people like myself often choose to stay and frolic around rather than to retreat or run as fast as life will allow. It is in happiness we forget to find our solace or resting place. Far to often we find ourselves in that happiness, questioning the goodness thereof and in. We are guilty of failing to question the chaos and opting out rather than standing still in it.
I ponder over the scripture where the writer states “in all else stand and faint not”.

Why is that?

Was he really telling us to stand in times of chaos or was he telling us not to faint from fear or preposterous sights or surroundings? I know I am guilty of standing when I am in need of flight and fleeing when it is critical for me to stand.

It is on this day I will stand. I call unto me the ability to stand. I will stand in the happy, joyous, loving, and peace-filled moments and savor the flavor of LIFE… living in full enjoyment with the enrichment of knowing I am!

Today I celebrate the will to stand… in all else/happiness STAND!

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Borderless Boundaries

best-royalty-free-images-india-kerala-munnar-kcbimalI am bound by the limits; of only my mind.

I reach past the boundaries of the inhibitions of self.

I push forward past the imagined borders of fear and I rise.

I rise up at the moment of freedom’s knock to answer… YES I shall go past the borders of yesterdays past.

I am the author and remover of my borders.

Today I celebrate the awakening to the borderless boundaries.


Release & Renew

spm7000aI release the old and invite the renewal of a sound mind, body and spirit.

I release the past thankfully, recognizing it was the stepping stone to today.

I release the chains that bind me in order to be free to express, address, and move into progress.

I invite the renewal process of all I am.

I am thankful, for it is in the present of that which is called today;  I am afforded the opportunity to renew.


Childlike expression


I allow my inner child to express the joys I feel.

I open up to the playground of LIFE that I may allow my inner child time to play, daily.

I enter each new moment, neither good or bad, as a child… eager to know, learn and truly experience the joys and/or pains of the moment.

Today I celebrate my childlike expression.

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Caught Empty Handed

tiopp-fill-light-leveledI ran into this guy that hurt me to the very core of my being; about 15 years ago at the supermarket today. Yeah I know; it has been a long time to be speaking on what he did. Thing is, I had no contact with him in the aforementioned time frame. I had no opportunity to be confronted before now.

He greeted me with wide eyes and and aura of excitement at looking upon me; once again. At first glance, I did not recognize him.  It wasn’t until he went to hug me and the fell of his touch, that I felt the rising up of familiar. I gently pulled back.

The first flood of emotions was fear for my daughter who was with me. I didn’t want to alert her of my apprehension of furthering the conversation. I didn’t want her to know he hurt me. Then he blurts out “I am preaching now”. I froze. Then I hurriedly moved to the door of the supermarket; explaining to him I was leaving. I was hoping he would get the picture and walk away. He kept trying to hold the conversation. He even offered up the desire for me to come visit him at his church.


As I sat quietly; I began to stew. I was overwhelmed with thoughts of betrayal of myself. I should have done something. I should have confronted him for touching me, talking to me, and surely for suggesting I visit him. But I did nothing. I began to hear a voice saying softly… “Your healed”. I let it pass as quickly and quietly as it came.  I wondered what was wrong with me. Hey maybe I was forgiving him or  maybe I was still afraid.  Was it, I was a weak minded coward like before?

I chose to seek council with the Traveler.

How do you know if your operating in forgiveness or fear? Two key factors that the Traveler pointed out was… forgiveness it intentional and they feel different.  My first mind was to beg to differ. But, I stilled myself and questioned self. I found that I could not have forgiven:  I had no intention to ever forgive. I found I was not cowering to the thought of him hurting me. I probed further. I did not like the feeling that rose up in me. I had to escape self.

I went for a run on the track. Then I walked around and round till I could stand to listen from within. I argued ” You’re crazy, for real. Don’t you think he deserves a punishing. I know you don’t think he should just get away with it.” I found myself with no justification for the lack of action or desire to act.  I heard that subtle voice say again “You’re healed”. Wow. Could it be that I have no emotion or reaction because I am no longer in pain? Now that has got to be irrational to any person.

I woke up this morning saying “yes I am healed”. But my rational mind wanted to be angry and justified in that anger.Then I realized there is no need for revenge, anger, or any type of justifiable negative energy. I am truly healed of this pain and many of the pains of my past. This was the biggest test.

In my search of self, I was caught red-handed with the most sought after emotion: anger.

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A Will to Flow

nature-flowAs I go with the flow of the moment that comes and goes,

The resources present themselves as needed.

I will flow with the universe for it has created all that is needed as my provision.

I will allow the provision of the ALL Source to become the resources appropriate for the moment at hand.

Today I celebrate the the will to go with flow.


Listen Care-fully

listen-deerI will listen care fully to those I love, the whispers of the ALL Source and sweet melodies of the inhabitants of the earth.

I will care to listen fully not just selectively.

I will fully care in my listening.

Today I celebrate the will to listen care-fully!

The Alone Side of Togetherness

lioness-loneI woke up this morning with the thought of, the alone side of togetherness. What or better-yet why, is that the first thing that the universe whispered to me? I realized, that today I am found alone once again; in the togetherness of the love relationship I possess.  My reality is that, I am alone and moments of loneliness tries to flood my mind. I am faced with the options to wallow or rise. I choose to rise. I choose to enjoy the alone time and reflect upon the joy filled moment this love has offered me over the course of this journey in which I am on.

Reflecting upon the laughter, the spontaneous melodies sung to me over the phone that bring tears of joy to my heart and eyes; I smile. As I breathe in this moment I capture the remembrance of a moment I caught him pausing from his work to look upon me; he smiles.

On this alone side of togetherness I embrace the ability to re-member us. In his absentia I exhale a sigh of longing for his touch, voice, and his energy that revives me. As I inhale the purest form of love that he leaves behind; I am warmed throughout my soul. A tear fall from my eyes, not due to the loneliness yet the togetherness that we have ever so graciously created.

I choose to embrace the fullness of togetherness at this moment; although history has shown when left alone the tendency is to play or stray out of the yard. I choose to savor the fullness of our boundaries we have staked this love upon.  Many ask is it worth it; when left alone so often? Knowing the fullness of his whereabouts and plausible actions… I tend to wonder and wander upon the terrain of loves lair. Where have I found my solace? In the monumental moments of reflections of the embraces of his love; our love. If it all ends today… I have been truly blessed with the joys of a love:  ever growing, ever forgiving, ever building my strength of character,  eternally strengthening my ability to embrace the joyous side of life and renewing my desire to be… in the moment.