Self affirming pronouncements. Fun and real.




When traveling through LIFE it never matters how long it takes ~ it only matters how FUN the ride!  Embrace the FUN (Frequent Use Necessary)!  LOVE the YOU!  BE…





When I stop and think on or about it… it being any thing good or bad; it surely comes to pass. I then realize it is I who am the author, creator as well as finisher of that which comes upon me. Remember; what so ever a man thinketh, so shall he be.

So today think big and beauty full!

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Seizure Affirmation

I seize the experience of each moment, with joy and gratitude.

Relationship Affirmation

I have joyous, loving and harmonious relationships with all of my family, friends and humanity.


Borderless Boundaries

best-royalty-free-images-india-kerala-munnar-kcbimalI am bound by the limits; of only my mind.

I reach past the boundaries of the inhibitions of self.

I push forward past the imagined borders of fear and I rise.

I rise up at the moment of freedom’s knock to answer… YES I shall go past the borders of yesterdays past.

I am the author and remover of my borders.

Today I celebrate the awakening to the borderless boundaries.

Within Reach


Health and happiness are within my reach when I provide myself with good food, clean water, fresh air, exercise.

Success is within my reach when I move into a positive mindset, joy filled expression and determined will.


Release & Renew

spm7000aI release the old and invite the renewal of a sound mind, body and spirit.

I release the past thankfully, recognizing it was the stepping stone to today.

I release the chains that bind me in order to be free to express, address, and move into progress.

I invite the renewal process of all I am.

I am thankful, for it is in the present of that which is called today;  I am afforded the opportunity to renew.


Childlike expression


I allow my inner child to express the joys I feel.

I open up to the playground of LIFE that I may allow my inner child time to play, daily.

I enter each new moment, neither good or bad, as a child… eager to know, learn and truly experience the joys and/or pains of the moment.

Today I celebrate my childlike expression.

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A Will to Flow

nature-flowAs I go with the flow of the moment that comes and goes,

The resources present themselves as needed.

I will flow with the universe for it has created all that is needed as my provision.

I will allow the provision of the ALL Source to become the resources appropriate for the moment at hand.

Today I celebrate the the will to go with flow.


Listen Care-fully

listen-deerI will listen care fully to those I love, the whispers of the ALL Source and sweet melodies of the inhabitants of the earth.

I will care to listen fully not just selectively.

I will fully care in my listening.

Today I celebrate the will to listen care-fully!

Put on a Show

capuera-waikikiThere are two types of people  in this world; the ones that entertain and those that observe.

I choose not to sit back and observe.

I choose to be the entertainer of my vision.

I choose to entertain my ideas, desires and dreams.

I am putting on the show of a lifetime.