I stood and just watched the people around me.  I soaked in the atmosphere and my surroundings.  Then I was jolted from my dreamland by someone yelling down the aisle to greet someone else in his view.  At first I shook my head in disgust.  Why do some people have to be so (dare I say) “ghetto?”  Where is their class, tact and decorum?  I possess these qualities  so everyone else in the world should embody those same ethics, right?  Well, if left up to me (and this is just my humble opinion), yelling would be abolished.  Possibly because it is a peeve of mine, but moreover, it’s tacky (IMHO).  The yeller was about 10 feet from the yellee.  Couldn’t he just have waved or nodded his head to acknowledge the other person? Why was yelling “What’s up man” the appropriate thing to do?  I submit that this was usual and customary behavior to the person yeller.  To him, there was no offense made to others.  He was living under the impression that yelling to greet another person was OK.  And guess what?  It is.

Just because I choose not to do a thing does not negate someone else that does choose to do that thing.  It is there way of EXPRESSION.  There is no right or wrong way to express yourself.  Some do it quietly and allow a piano, a paintbrush or clay to say the things that words cannot convey.  Some do it in a mezzo-soprano octave that move others to tears.  And some people have boisterous voices that seem excessively loud to others but might be normal to their own ears.  Our means of expression is just that … OURS!!  We have the freedom to constructively express ourselves in the manner that we each see fit.  We are also free from judgment from others.  If it feels good, then it’s all good.

Do your YOU to the fullest!


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