Be Careful What You Ask For

Order Up!

The universe always gives you exactly what you ask for. Each fulfillment is neither positive nor negative, the desires that you put into the universe will come to fruition at some point in your life.  It is an inescapable fact.  It is a law and we all know that there is no outrunning the law. There is no time limit on your requests and you would be rather silly to expect that your request would be filled on a particular day and time. I once heard that “a goal is a dream with a deadline.” So if the universe always answers our requests YES and there is no limit to what we can get, why don’t we dream bigger than we do? Why don’t we ask for the moon and expect it to be handed to us? What is it about not having what we really want that keeps us satiated? i would submit that it is FEAR. But you should not let that stop you.

Just as you order from your favorite restaurant and have to wait for it to come to you, you likewise must wait for the universe to bring you that which was ordered. If it is a new car that you desire, place that order into the universe and wait for the little bell to ding stating that your “order’s up.” If you desire the right person in your life, state emphatically what you want and wait for that person to be delivered to you. When you feel that you need a change in life and you aren’t sure which way to go, just be specific enough about wanting to do something differently and the universe will bring about a new opportunity that will skyrocket you onto your next course. If you continue to worry, whether consciously or not, you will get more things to worry about. When you emit hatred and dissension, you will get more things to hate and disagree with.

So, good or bad, what you reap is what you sow. You don’t have to be intentional in your request, but the things that you think about will come to light in one form or another. So be careful what you ask for, you will always get it.

Stay tuned to learn what “waiting” really is!

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