Celebration of Centering

baumgardeners_covered_bridge_inside_center_3008pxpreviewAs I breathe in this thought of centering of  SELF through love, I embrace the thought of others creating a center for themselves in this  universe and at the same time being author of my own centering; I design my plan.

My center is intent through Love…

I am no longer settling for the mundane of only allowing or just belonging; better yet, just being a part of.  I am intentional in my choosing of that in which I plan to be a part of.

I am focusing upon the outcome of my desire to be the vital part of my intent.

I am observant in my approach in the processes in which I choose to implement my centering. I set out to develop, design, and manage that mark… some call a hub, rod, or focal point. I formulate a plan of grounding myself with the core of the earth as well as the force field of the universe. I am determined to stand firm and waver not in the stormiest moments. My plan of moving into the realm of forgetfulness and forgiveness thereby rendering myself free to love wholeheartedly.

In doing so I am able to stand in the midst of the storms of life without breaking in the bend and uprooting in the pull.

Today, I celebrate my ability to design and determine my center.