Are LIFE™ Assurance Policies worth the TIME™?


In a word, “Yes.”

Many of us have become saturated and convincingly satiated in the “struggles” of survival.  We speak positive affirmations which have us “warring” against this, “battling” that or “fighting against” some other unwanted trait, situation, experience or malady.  While i seldom make broad sweeping statements of absolutes, i’m willing to go out on a limb on this one and suggest to you something you probably already know.  That ish don’t work.

Our LIFE™  (Living In Full Enjoyment) only becomes assured as we allow our Perfection to be realized in our TIME™ (Total Immersion in a Moment’s Experience).  In that, we surrender to the full experience of the joy to be discovered in ANY moment (it lies beyond your ability to ‘reason‘… as in the “peace that surpasses all understanding”).  We hold this to be fundamental in Perfecting the Art of Thrival™ (vs. survival).  Mastering our ability to relax, relate, release, rinse and repeat proves over and over again the wisdom of the sages who spoke eloquent truths into our world such as, “know ye not that ye are gods?”  In such a capacity YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for.  YOU are also the creator of your reality.

Therefore, practicing your Art of Thrival™ yields maximum return on your investment as you become an intentional and deliberate creator of each Today(!)™  In this, your LIFE™ will be assured in the TIME™ you spend surrendering to The Breath, Technique, Rhythm and Flo … when all you’ve got is Today(!)™… that’s ALL you’ll ever need.

Drop in at one of our webinars for further info on this Perfect Revolution where you’ll discover… what happens when you don’t have to fix you anymore!

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