Facebook Died Today… Now What Do I Do?


It should now be abundantly clear to millions of users of Facebook that we need to get a real LIFE! Yeah, i’m kinda laughing and it’s a little tongue-in-cheek but really, what do the hordes of fans, family, flocks and friends do when their de facto lifeline is sucked away in the blink of an eye?

There was no warm-up, no buzzer warning this afternoon as i returned from a meeting to my office computer to discover Facebook critically crashed. I checked one computer and then another, to no avail. In that moment i realized that i was left with an uncomfortable question… What do i do, now? For me, it might be only slightly different than most, as i use Facebook as a tool in my capacity as a Social Marketing Professional. However, i suspect that my experience of being left in the lurch, quite unexpectedly resonates with a great number of the now over 500 million users of the social media platform.

So, i made it back over here to my blog. After a brief hiatus, i was able to regroup and look at my massive list of “things-to-do.” Thankfully, i’ve got a bunch on there that doesn’t even require the Internet, let alone Facebook. Still i pine for the sweet scrolling of my news feed…  for the magical alerts letting me know my cyber presence is being engaged, if not appreciated by someone in the now smaller world.  I was almost famous… until Facebook died.

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