My LIFE (T!) Sweeps In


With loads of fanfare, pomp and circumstance (even if only our own) we welcomed the impressively designed, Limited Edition LIFE (T!) shirt.  Sweeping in, hot off the presses, these shirts were barely dry before they began to garner praise and importantly – sales!  Don’t miss the wave of these Limited Edition shirts.  When they’re gone ~ they’re done.

But, fret not… there’s 26 more in the series to keep you engaged and collecting them all!  See them in our shop (Invest in You) or at their site over at

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The Book Review…You’ve Been Waiting On!


Okay, maybe not all of you have been summoning this book forward. However, there is a very powerful stream that i have surrendered to, which has called this book into existence and we’re happy to exclaim that it’s finally released… on time!

Now we’d like to hear what you have to say about it! I hope we don’t run out of room to hold all of your thoughts. So, get started while there’s still space available! Thanx!  Just leave your thoughts in the comments section below… i read them all!

Dream Big… Live BIGGER!

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