Time to Pack Your Booq Bag

Python XL Model Booq Bag

Python XL Model Booq Bag

Several years ago, when 17″ laptops were still novel and new, i launched a quest to find a stylish, functional and expansive backpack.  This pack would need to be well-suited to carry both my standard collegiate fair, and also my Dell XPS behemoth, an external drive, bluetooth wireless headset, surge protector and occasionally the odd digital camera, toothbrush and a pair or two of undies (not the tighty whitey kind, if you must know).  What i discovered after much beating the streets, more web reviews and several purchases and returns later … has stuck with me, through much heavy wear, over three years in almost pristine condition.

The Booq Python bag (they make several other trendy, smaller and more popular models) came as a gift from the gods.  It not only lived up to its great reviews and excellent billing, it made me glad to be a iconoclastic geek in-training.  Last month i experienced a buckle failure and went online to see where i could buy another.  Instead of some protracted procurement process i was faced with the awing result of receiving a replacement belt with buckle in the mail, only days later.  I never purchase anything for the warranty and therefore didn’t realize that it is (warranted) for 5 years.  I just think thats’ how good quality products and service should work.  But my social philosophies aside, i am mildly impressed.

While the price point is sure to keep it out of the mainstream of backpack purchases, you would be well served to heed the age-old adage that you get what you pay for. The quality is superb.   The ballistic nylon material shows hardly a scrape.  It is uber-stylish and well received amongst the well-heeled Mac legions.  Oh, and PC people wish they had someone custom designing quality stuff for the accoutrement to their tech hardware, too.  Take heart PC gurus, i’ve tried it … thankfully, it works for our stuff, too.

The Boa - Eat Your Heart Out

The Boa - Eat Your Heart Out

I will be joining those carefree, price-be-damned, stylishly productive and couture accessorized Apple fans, as i purchase my next Booq coverings … Boa 3L & Vyper XL2 bundle, for my MacBook Pro 17″.  While i could just keep using the bag i’ve got and just swap the tech stuff out, the linings of their newer bags are a nice bright shade of red.  They got me with that one.  Hey don’t just hate, participate.  A simple click on the photo will get you to their well-designed site to examine and select what series will fit you and your stuff best.  My guarantee is you’ll be glad you did… for a very long time.

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I stood and just watched the people around me.  I soaked in the atmosphere and my surroundings.  Then I was jolted from my dreamland by someone yelling down the aisle to greet someone else in his view.  At first I shook my head in disgust.  Why do some people have to be so (dare I say) “ghetto?”  Where is their class, tact and decorum?  I possess these qualities  so everyone else in the world should embody those same ethics, right?  Well, if left up to me (and this is just my humble opinion), yelling would be abolished.  Possibly because it is a peeve of mine, but moreover, it’s tacky (IMHO).  The yeller was about 10 feet from the yellee.  Couldn’t he just have waved or nodded his head to acknowledge the other person? Why was yelling “What’s up man” the appropriate thing to do?  I submit that this was usual and customary behavior to the person yeller.  To him, there was no offense made to others.  He was living under the impression that yelling to greet another person was OK.  And guess what?  It is.

Just because I choose not to do a thing does not negate someone else that does choose to do that thing.  It is there way of EXPRESSION.  There is no right or wrong way to express yourself.  Some do it quietly and allow a piano, a paintbrush or clay to say the things that words cannot convey.  Some do it in a mezzo-soprano octave that move others to tears.  And some people have boisterous voices that seem excessively loud to others but might be normal to their own ears.  Our means of expression is just that … OURS!!  We have the freedom to constructively express ourselves in the manner that we each see fit.  We are also free from judgment from others.  If it feels good, then it’s all good.

Do your YOU to the fullest!


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FAITH is the Substance


belief2FAITH is the substance of the LIFE lessons of surrender.  We encounter these lessons in the sojourn of our Step One Moments of contrast and inspiration.  FAITH is that link to the “thinking stuff” which takes shape as the manifestation of our desires.  More than belief in the unseen, FAITH is unseen property owned by belief.

FAITH does not require that you believe to receive.  FAITH insists that you receive even before you believe.  Belief is just a chronic thought, it develops over time.  On the other hand, FAITH is an acute, in-the-moment trauma to sanity, which  ignites the spark of genius and quells the sting of fear.

FAITH — is my shining brilliance as i turn to the world and say,

Forsaking All, I Trust Happy!”

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