Sunny Side Up

sun-will-shine-brightAs I awaken out of the slumber by the glaring commitment of the sun; I stretch and rise.  I am reminded of the laws of the universe.  I am made once again aware of the law of attraction.  That which you set your mind to you shall achieve.  “What soever a man thinks,” does that ring a bell?

You see the sun is committed to rise and shine daily.

My first thought was that the sun is set to a committed schedule I can count on. Why am I not committed on a schedule of my life? Creating a business or designing a life’s plan requires dedication and commitment.  I have activated the desire, the will, the know-how, the plan but I have failed at the commitment.

I once was told that if I ever wanted to truly know the answer to life’s questions look around and see creation. My question the other day was “what am I doing wrong or not doing?”, as I walked the race track in the darkness. My answer came out of my slumber… commitment; the lack there of.

Today I shall ponder upon the sun. I shall bask in it’s commitment to the universe. Today I shall enjoy the example of the sun; as I set it up above the minor mishaps of the day.

Today I celebrate the sunny side of life. Today I rise up out of the slumber of meager existence. Today as I rise, I commit to my intentional participation in LIFE!

Put on a Show

capuera-waikikiThere are two types of people  in this world; the ones that entertain and those that observe.

I choose not to sit back and observe.

I choose to be the entertainer of my vision.

I choose to entertain my ideas, desires and dreams.

I am putting on the show of a lifetime.

The Perfect Laughter


Laughter is a perfect food for thought, as wholesome as delightful, a charming restorer of a depressed power; but it’s motive must be pure and its delivery carefully administered.

Today I laugh with the perfection of restorative power.


Peachy Season


Summertime was made for pie or is it the other way around? Either way it’s peach season!

There is nothing like the sweet smell of ripe Georgia peaches filling the air in summer. It does not matter if you live in Georgia, get them at the grocery stores or find them selling on the side of a country road; fresh peaches are a great choice fruit of this season.

Peaches contain a generous amount of potassium,vitamins C and A. Having diuretic and laxative properties, peaches aid in the stimulation of the digestive juices.

Peachy Custard Pie is a great compliment to a poolside novel, break from the stresses of a long days of successes, or end of a delicious meal.


2 Cups of fine wheat flour

3 tbs butter

2 tbs water (give or take)

Mix the butter into the flour with fork.  Add enough water to paste to keep it together, but not too sticky.  Mix with knife, forming a ball.  Roll out evenly to fit pit tin/pan.

Place Pastry in pan.

Take 2 large or 3 medium fresh Peaches, thickly slice and cover bottom of  pie crust and set aside.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees


Place in mixing bowl…

3/4 cup sugar

3/4 cup milk (soy or almond)

2 egg yolks

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp nutmeg

mix together to cream consistency.

dust peaches with sifted flour.

Pour mixture over peaches and bake till firm.

Serve with your favorite Soy or Rice Ice cream or enjoy alone.

Allow to cool before cutting.

Celebration of Centering

baumgardeners_covered_bridge_inside_center_3008pxpreviewAs I breathe in this thought of centering of  SELF through love, I embrace the thought of others creating a center for themselves in this  universe and at the same time being author of my own centering; I design my plan.

My center is intent through Love…

I am no longer settling for the mundane of only allowing or just belonging; better yet, just being a part of.  I am intentional in my choosing of that in which I plan to be a part of.

I am focusing upon the outcome of my desire to be the vital part of my intent.

I am observant in my approach in the processes in which I choose to implement my centering. I set out to develop, design, and manage that mark… some call a hub, rod, or focal point. I formulate a plan of grounding myself with the core of the earth as well as the force field of the universe. I am determined to stand firm and waver not in the stormiest moments. My plan of moving into the realm of forgetfulness and forgiveness thereby rendering myself free to love wholeheartedly.

In doing so I am able to stand in the midst of the storms of life without breaking in the bend and uprooting in the pull.

Today, I celebrate my ability to design and determine my center.


Gotta Start Somewhere!

vegburg_friesIf you have ever had a desire to become a vegetarian, vegan or just a more health-conscious eater, here is a great tip to get you started.

You don’t have to go vegan or vegetarian (for that matter) cold turkey! Do it gradually. If you are a red meat and pork eater, cut that first. Your body has the hardest time processing these meats. Instead of ground beef, try ground turkey or Boca Meatless Ground Burger. It has a wonderful texture and it holds up very well when you cook it. You can use it for just about anything you use ground beef for. If you want a hot dog, Morningstar Farms (MSF) makes great hot dog products. They make great corn dogs and mini corn dogs as well as veggie dogs. You will never even know the difference. Instead of eating hamburgers, try a veggie burger. Both Boca ( and MSF ( make great veggie burgers. Depending on what you have a taste for, you can find a veggie burger to suit you. They cook up wonderfully if you have a George Foreman grill or similar quick-grilling device. You should also try the MSF Breakfast Sausage. freshfruitvegetableTastes just like the pork version. It is wonderfully seasoned and the texture is great. Grab a biscuit and a patty of sausage, ‘honey-chile’ you’ll be in heaven! There are also great chicken and beef strips for fajitas or salads by MSF.

For your other meats, eat the boneless, skinless kind. Bake, broil or grill your chicken and turkey. If you must season it, Mrs. Dash ( will never let you down. There are plenty of varieties to suit your taste. If you must use salt, use sea salt. It comes in course grind and fine ground.

Mindful Appreciation

smileIt is never the big things that show people that you care. It is always the smiles, touches, hugs and thank you’s that make the biggest impact.   Stay mindful of the small actions of love and appreciation, then each day will be filled with success.

BE the Miracle

Our lives are miraculous manifestations of a thought.  Consider for a moment, the intricate workings of the machinery that is our heart.  Imagine, if you will, the effortless rhythmic syncopation of its beat when you experience excitement or a warm feeling of joy. Ponder the hiccup of its transcendent monotony when startled or frightened.

Yet, its precise and continuous flow and recovery assures that you spend almost zero hours of your life contemplating its irreplaceable functioning.

It was a simple thought that gave rise to your birth.  If we would again embrace the power that flows through the expression of the mind, we would immerse ourselves in the daily experiences of joy that loom on each horizon … only a thought away.

In this moment … BE the miracle you are meant to be.  Live the freedom of your heart’s longing.  Share the song of laughter that resounds in your soul and your reality will be simply MIRACULOUS.  Laughter abounds where the heart runs free.

peace be the journey


I Breathe


I dare to breathe with intent.

I breathe in the fullness of opportunity and growth.

As I breathe; I inhale love, joy, hope,  and all there is that is truth.

I breathe with hope of the never ending ability to enjoy all LIFE has to offer.

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