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Change Affirmation

i create the reality that i desire to have with the incalculable power of my mind and will.

The Downside of Happiness

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i have been receiving feedback from people about my always sunny disposition and outlook. It has been said that i am “masking” my true feelings and not willing to own up to what i am really going through. For the many who feel that i, and the people around me, should be miserable, why? If we should not be miserable then, at the very least, they want us to be melancholy and not happy ALL the time. So i sit here and ponder what the downside to happiness is.

OK. We have all been through something. How we come out on the other side of that something is completely up to that individual. One could either wallow in the gloom and despair of the situation or find the blessing and the lesson of the event and keep moving on to the invariable next thing. From the station that i sit , those are the ONLY two options that one has. Sure you could probably find other ways of handling it, but at the end of the day you chose the do something about it. You chose to find the positive, the upside, and move forward. Does making that choice every time mean that you are “masking” the situation? i submit that you are not. In your own way you are dealing and coping with what life brings, good or bad. Moreover, you are doing what needs to be done to make your life and the lives of those around you better. Bottom line, you are choosing to find happiness. You can’t have a TESTimony without a TEST.

Do you think Warren Buffett was lying on the floor kicking and screaming, throwing a tantrum when his company, Berkshire Hathaway, lost over a billion dollars last year? Uh, no. He just moved on to the next thing and found a way to turn a profit somewhere else. He took that negative (and a billion dollars to Warren Buffet is probably the equivalent of $20 to those of us that don’t have a billion dollars right now) and moved on. He MIGHT have had a moment where he yelled at the CEO of Berkshire, but the moment swiftly passed and he was on his jet to acquire another billion dollar company. No one would ever say that Warren Buffett was “masking” his true feelings.

The way Warren handles himself is similar to the way i handle situations in my life. There are a lot of things that i could be doing. i could choose to focus on the negative aspects. But i have a hectic life that dictates that i cannot stop for every single thing that goes awry. i gotta keep it moving. My decision to look for the lesson and blessing in the moment always brings about a positive resolve. ALWAYS!

So, for the naysayers and ne’erdowells, chill on analyzing my life and the way i choose to handle it. i am not hurting anyone else and never will i hurt myself. I’m just doing me.

And that’s that piece.

Beauty of Me … Affirmation

bee beautiful

bee beautiful

I allow myself to be beautiful. In that, i allow myself to see the beauty in others.